ReneeD Photography: Blog en-us (C) ReneeD Photography (ReneeD Photography) Wed, 17 Apr 2013 21:15:00 GMT Wed, 17 Apr 2013 21:15:00 GMT ReneeD Photography: Blog 80 120 Behind the Scenes I am mostly an outdoor photographer, preferring natural backgrounds with natural light. But, sometimes our crazy Illinois weather leaves no choice but to shoot the session indoors. This was the case last week for the Birthday Boy’s photo shoot,  as our late-March weather was far from springlike. We wanted to do a  few “cake smash” photos along with the 12 month “onesie” photos. Since Easter was a just a couple of days away, we thought we would  also take a few bunny ear photos while we were at it. This was going to be a fairly long session involving a few wardrobe changes and several props! With the weather forecast in the 40s it wasn’t looking good for an outdoor session.  It was time to bring in an assistant or two (or three), a bag full of props, a roll of backdrop paper and turn this living room into a photo studio! There was lots of natural light coming in the living room windows, so that is where we decided to set up shop.

A couch full of props and wardrobe changes, along with a roll of white paper turns this living room into an indoor studio.collage1 We needed a few assistants to help with baby wrangling and hugging!collage

Baby was not impressed with his blue, sprinkly cake!collage3 Time to let the Big Kids show him how it is done!collage4 And it is a wrap!collage5

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A Girl and Her Horse. I love listening to others talk about their passions, but I especially enjoy watching them as they pursue them! And, it is apparent in watching Katelyn with her horse, Annie, that she has found hers!

 I will definitely be making another trip out to their barn to when the mud dries up and they are able to ride outdoors! And, who knows, I may even try a few lessons myself!Image Image annie020 collage4

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A Day in the Life 2013 will find me exploring a NEW style of photography.  I love portraits but I really, really love photos that tell a story. Today’s story was about a family on a snowy day.  It was a day filled with jumping on the bed, playing in the snow, dressing up in mom and dad’s wedding clothes, toast and tea snacks, spoonfuls of honey, dancing in the living room, coloring, barking dogs, tears and giggles and right before I left…. a sleepy girl on her mommy’s shoulder. And as Kristine said with a smile on her face…”This is my life”! What a lucky mommy! What a lucky family! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day!ambriz139 ambriz023 ambriz068

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